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To promote and preserve the diverse and culturally rich music history of Philadelphia, PA through advocacy, creative programming, exhibitions, and performances that highlight the artists, engineers, historic sites, musicians, and songwriters that have contributed to Philadelphia’s monumental influence on music.


Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters of Sigma Sound Studios. 


     It was great to see some of you at World Cafe Live back in October to discuss the future of Sigma’s original 212 N 12th Street location and also hear from David Ivory and councilman David Oh about the Music Industry Task Force. A lot has happened since that meeting, including of course the passing of Sigma founder and recording legend, Joe Tarsia as well as musical pioneer Thom Bell. It is with heavy hearts that we remember the impact both Joe and Thom had on popular music and Philadelphia, as we continue to pursue the preservation of Sigma and how to continue to grow Philadelphia’s creative music economy.  


     We are happy to report that on December 15th, City Council’s special committee voted to bring the MITF recommendations to the City Council at large. This means we already have support of the special committee, but need everyone’s help to push this through the next phase of voting. Below are some updates, in order of priority, for what we hope to achieve in 2023.


     There has been some confusion between the different initiatives taking place and we want to clarify the importance of the process and timing: the Music Industry Task Force is seeking to establish a “Philadelphia Music Office” which we believe is needed to further pursue things like redeveloping Sigma’s old location or gaining city-wide interest in opening a music museum. Therefore, we hope you will lend us your support in each of the items below.

  1. Music Industry Task Force & City Council Hearing (January 19th, 2023)

    1. We have a scheduled hearing with City Council on January 19th - 9am Rally (in person at city hall) - 10am Hearing (in person at city hall) and Sigma Sound Studios redevelopment has been added as one of the ten recommendations being made to city council. 

    2. We will need to get at least nine (9) votes from all of the City Council to officially pass the recommendations and create a resolution to establish a new Philadelphia Music Office.

    3. To succeed we were told we need to show strong public support of these recommendations, which means showing up in person (and in masses!). SIGN UP HERE if you can confirm you’re available on January 19th to attend the hearing.

  2. Sigma Sound Studios Building Redevelopment

    1. The next step to gaining site control (ownership) of this property is to conduct a feasibility plan to put together an investment presentation for potential like minded investors who might want to partner with us and buy the building

    2. We are excited to be partnering with the Preservation Alliance to help us with this feasibility study and will be raising money (approximately $10,000) to cover the costs of architects, structural engineers, and graphic designers to help put together this presentation. We have started a fund here…

  3. Sigma Sound / Joe Tarsia Podcast

    1. The Philadelphia Sound Preservation Project along with Co-Host Cosmo Baker have been working for several months now on a podcast telling the story of Joe Tarsia and Sigma Sound Studios

    2. We have several interviews in the can and our goal is to have a full pilot episode done and finished within the first 6 months of 2023, we would then use that pilot to shop for financing for a 10 part series, covering everything from the mid 1960’s - the early 2000’s, all things Sigma.

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